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The CFM56 and LEAP Engine Lessor

SES specialises in CFM products, providing spare engine lease programmes to airlines operating CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engines.

SES has a portfolio of more than 250 TRUEngine qualified, owned and managed CFM56 and LEAP spare engines.

The move to LEAP

SES took delivery of its first LEAP-1A engines in 2016, supporting the LEAP-1A entry into service.

With the addition of LEAP engines to its portfolio, SES offers comprehensive spare engine solutions to airlines operating CFM56 and LEAP engines.

By growing its LEAP spare engine portfolio, SES will continue to deliver innovative lease programmes for the LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engines as it has done for the CFM56.

Customised Support Programmes

SES’ Customised Lease Support Programmes solve the dilemma of how many spare CFM56 or LEAP engines an airline should acquire by supplying the exact level of spare engine coverage needed, at a competitive cost.

SES works with airline operators of owned and leased fleets by helping them to perfectly match spare engine demand with capacity.  This allows airlines to remove the carrying costs of any underutilised spare engine assets.

These programmes provide flexibility and a variety of options for airlines, including spare engines for AOG requirements and for scheduled and unscheduled removals.


Guaranteed Access

With SES’ guaranteed spare engine access, a supported airline can take delivery of a CFM56 or LEAP spare engine from one of our 13 global engine pools to cover an AOG event within 24 hours.

Operating Lease

Operating Leases are offered by SES for a fixed term of typically 36 months or more.

This allows for dedicated use of the asset without risk of ownership.

SES offers high quality assets at competitive lease rates with a focus on transparency and on ease of delivery and redelivery for the customer.

Ad-Hoc Lease

SES offers CFM56 and LEAP engines on Ad-Hoc Leases for terms of 30 days upwards.

The Ad-Hoc lease is a flexible, cost efficient structure to cover short-term or unplanned engine removal events. 

The Lessee is charged a daily lease rate for each day of use. 

Flexible extension options and early return without penalties are offered in accordance with individual airline requirements.

Engine Trading

With the largest CFM56 spare engine portfolio in the world, SES can tailor a variety of sale and exchange packages to suit specific customer requirements and from time to time has engines available for exchange or trade.

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